Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Slow progress.....

After demolishing interior walls, I then started work on decorating the exterior of the house. Aha not as easy as it sounds! Couldn't for the life of me decide on colours and so spent hours on the internet looking for inspiration. I didn't want the pastel pinks or blues as seen in the dollshouse catalogues, as the house is supposed to be located in one of the fasionable areas of London and they are really 'country' colours. I also had to take into account the position in my home where the house will permanently reside, which is an ideal position as its at one end of my lounge under the eaves of a staircase. However its quite a dark area, so the house shouldn't be an overall drab shade as I want it to be a feature in the lounge. Finally decided on white render for the top 2 floors and grey stone tiles for the entrance floor and basement. The roof will have black slate tiles and white woodwork.

You can see from the photo I've run out of tiles for the roof (and patience cutting and painting each individual tile!)so have shelved this until I get more supplies.

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  1. Looking great so far- I think you picked the perfect colors for what you are trying to achieve.