Monday, 2 November 2009

I've been away for a while.....

Thank you for the messages and a long overdue Welcome to my new followers. I have had computer problems (mainly due to late night blog-following with a cup of coffee.....and yes got overtired and spilt it on my keyboard!!), so have been unable to update (or should I say 'start') my blog.
I have been very busy with my dollshouse you will be pleased to hear, you might remember I purchased it sort of half-finished. It was a project a couple started from a Dollshouse emporium kit. The husband altered the roof height and made dormer windows to create a usable attic space and then decided to build his own basement instead of buying the kit, this has created a very large house!! However as often happens in this addictive hobby, instead of just helping his wife with the building, he has become totally absorbed and decided the house wasn't big enough for their needs, so he has now designed an enormous mansion that he is building from scratch. Luckily for me they listed the abandoned project on ebay, and I was the extremely lucky winner!
As large as it is, me being me, I was still not satisfied with the boxy rooms, so have been demolishing internal walls!!

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  1. What a lovely front opening dollhouse you have! Eager to see what you do with it. Blogging can take time away from projects but I am so happy with the friends I've made here. Welcome to "our world" :-)