Thursday, 12 November 2009

One step forward, 3 steps back.....

Went to the craft shop for more supplies today. They have a Dollshouse emporium stand there and whilst 'browsing' spied a cream Aga cooker at a very good price. I had previously researched mini Agas and the only one I liked was over £40, which was out of the question! Anyway I bought it. I had made one from balsa but really wasn't happy with it. Here it is not quite finished.

In my haste though, I hadn't thought about measurements (how could I forget the golden rule?) and it was longer than the one I made so didn't fit into the chimney opening I'd made. So heyho had to take that apart and remake plus drill another hole at the back for the wire for the mantel lighting!

The new Aga

Phew, now have to fit the wall cupboards......hopefully no more disasters!

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