Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Finally completed some minis........

Busy couple of days and after a disappointing Saturday (was going to Kensington Town Hall Dollshouse Festival, but a railway bridge had been damaged in our recent storms and it was going to take over 2 hours to get there, so I decided not to go) I have finally got a few projects finished.
Popped into my local charity shop and found a couple of good bargains for mini projects: a soft silk men's tie in the perfect shade of midnight blue for an evening dress on a mannquin for the dressing room (wish I could find a supplier of tie fabric, the small prints they use are so perfect for miniatures), a wooden block of wood that I think must have been designed for a desk, with a dear little clock set in it. I've already taken it apart and busy painting it a distrssed white for a kitchen wall clock.

 While waiting for it to dry have started on dressing 2 beds that a local shop wants to see, with a view to me supplying them! The first is an adult bed that I've embellished with jewellery findings, and painted white, needs another coat and then distressing

The second is a for a child's bedroom in wirework that I've painted with brass accents. 

I'd love it to look something like this one, but without the canopy, another gorgeous picture on http://beautifulthingstoshare.blogspot.com/

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